About Bone Weaver Whitetails

Protein is fed free choice during horn growth season. Select bucks are bred to does through the use of our state approved DMP pens. We carefully manage the buck to doe ratio to ensure that the deer census is in line with the ranch’s carrying capacity. Bone Weaver Whitetails is not only permitted for DMP pens but is also a managed lands deer permit (MLDP-III) approved ranch by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Level III, the highest available, allows us great flexibility in our management program. This is a benefit to our hunters as gun season begins on October 1st and runs through the end of February – far exceeding the general season in Texas. Also, our hunters do not have to use tags from their hunting licenses as the deer are tagged with our state issued deer management tags only. However, a hunting license is required.

At Bone Weaver Whitetails, we are equally committed to continually improving and strategically managing our whitetail deer breeding program. We recognize that the genetics of the doe are just as important as the genetics of the buck. Using our state-of-the-art artificial insemination facility, we carefully choose the genetics of exceptional does and bucks to consistently produce healthy, genetically superior deer. Our entire breeder herd is DNA verified and we focus on raising healthy deer through our feeding and vaccination programs, daily observations of the herd and by maintaining a low stress environment within the pens and the working facilities.

During your visit to Bone Weaver Whitetails, not only will you see legendary South Texas whitetails, but the ranch is also home to a variety of South Texas wildlife including hogs, javelina, coyotes, bobcats, quail, dove and alligators.



The 1600 acre, high fenced Bone Weaver Whitetails ranch is located in the heart of South Texas’ famous 624 corridor. We are located within McMullen county, a county known for consistently producing trophy whitetails.